What Are The Benefits Of Window Treatments


Every Home Has Them

If you think about it, windows are instantly noticed when you walk into a home or office. Every home has them and there is nothing more than window treatments that can set off a room. So what are the benefits of window treatments? Aside from adding accent and elegance to a room, do they serve any other purpose?

Things To Consider

There are four things you need to consider when contemplating window treatments. Light, privacy, décor and function. Sometimes a covering may look great but you have to consider if it will be right for all aspects of your needs of a window treatment. There are pros and cons to everything so you have to ask yourself, "what are the benefits of window treatments" and will they fit your needs?

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There’s very little point in having windows if you’re not going to occasionally let the light shine in. For that reason, you will want to select window treatments that look great in your rooms when you open them up so that they become frames for sunlight.

For instance, you can completely shut slatted custom blinds to restrict light, open them by varying degrees to allow partial light or draw them up or to the side to allow full exposure. A more affordable option is pull-down shades, which still allow some of the versatility of horizontal and vertical blinds, but are a little more restrictive in terms of your ability to see out while they’re down.

Top down bottom up shades can allow the light to come in at a higher point lighting the room but still block it at a lower level. Plus this creates a unique look as it wood if you had the bottom up and the top closed off. This type of shade can give you quite a bit of versatility controlling light into a room.

Solar shades are also effective as you can get a filtered amount of light in the room but block out the heat that sunlight can generate into a room. American Blinds and Shutters has all your options covered, contact us for free consultation.


No one wants to feel like they are living in an aquarium exhibit showcasing your life inside your home. At the same time having the light shinning in and being able to look out are both important factors of having windows. So window blinds, shades and shutters give you the best of both worlds.

Many blinds with slats that can tilt can allow you to look out, still get light in the room but make it difficult for anyone to look in at you. If using a roller shade of any type, allowing light in and still having privacy probably will not work. However using a top down bottom up shade can be ideal for allowing light to come in and still maintain privacy. You can allow light to come in at the top but block visibility at the bottom.

If privacy is your main goal for a window treatment, then this could be one of the harder ones to decide on. As you want a stylish look to go with the décor of your room, you want to control lighting but mainly want to block the view. Making a decision for this purpose only can be difficult. Shutters with narrow louvers may be another route and they can allow light to come into the room but still obstruct an outside viewer.

For a great look and top privacy, ask about Woven Wood Shades with Privacy Lining. This would work great in a room that you are looking for more of an organic texture. Combine with silk curtains can really set off the accent. The privacy liner will not only block light out but also maximize privacy.


Décor may be in some ways your easiest use of a window treatment than all the others. True, it isn't always easy to decorate a room or office but if the décor is your main concern, you can take less worry out the functionality factor. Luckily all window treatments open up in some form or fashion, so you don't have to worry about never not seeing the light of day again.

In today's time, mixing up colors and styles in a room is not unheard. Even with furniture, you will see some mahogany furniture mixed with light oaks. Even flooring has become a mix-mash, as some flooring designs call for a portion of the room to be half carpet or tile and the other half hardwood or laminate. So this can give you much flexibility when it comes to window treatments.

However with window treatments, usually following the same colors, type and scheme work best. Often the concern is being able to match door treatments with the window treatments. It isn't a problem, every window covering can be customized so that you can match every window and door in a room or office. If you would like a quote or a measurement, contact us, all estimates are free and we have the fastest turn around in the business.

Other factors you may want to consider when trying to decide on what type of window coverings.

  • Flooring material and color
  • Wall color and style (paint, wallpaper, paneling and trim)
  • Furniture style and color
  • Style and color of fixtures (lighting, ceiling fans, even door handles)


Function covers many different aspects of window treatments. You have rooms that may require privacy, controlled lighting to assist with temperature control. Then there are conditions where a certain type of blind, shade or shutter would be needed to work in a particular area or on a door.

Corded shades and blinds are on their way out but if you were to use corded, it would not be recommended to use in a room with small children and or pets. Please refer to the Child Safety page for more information. Cordless window treatments are much nicer and have a more elegant look without a dangling cord to lift them.

If you have a family room mostly used for TV watching, your concern might be lighting control. Dark curtains, a shade with a liner or shutters may be the most effective window covering. However if you have a room meant for more artistic endeavors like a craft room, you are going to want coverings that can allow the maximum amount of lighting. In that case wood, faux wood, cellular or roller shades, maybe even one with top down bottom up features could be a better fit.

Doors have been more of a challenge and there is a misconception for window treatments for doors. Many have thought that a specific covering has to be purchased for doors and that it might not match your window treatments. Well that isn't true, here at American Blinds and Shutters, we can custom make coverings for doors out of the exact same material and design as used on the windows. This of course makes a wonderful balance of matching throughout the room.

Door coverings have been known to interfere with the door handles and such but that can also be easily remedied as there are many trims and kits that keeps the covering away from the handle and look very stylish. Just ask us about our solutions for door window treatments.


In cellular you have Honeycomb and Pleated, so which is better and better for what? Honeycomb shades come in single cell and double cell fabric. If your concern is sound and temperature control, this would be an excellent choice. See the benefits of a Honeycomb shade:

  • Very energy efficient - The cellular structure traps air within causing a very good insulation factor against outside climate
  • Excellent Privacy - You can get them in a blackout option, which hides 99% of all natural light when they’re lowered
  • Great Hideaway - Cellular structures almost completely disappears when raised
  • Noise Reduction - Cellular has a unique internal structure that reduces noise

Pleated and Honeycomb are actually pretty similar. The big difference is that, while honeycomb cellular shades have 2 or

more layers that form compartments which trap air, a pleated shade has just one layer of material. Neither one have slats as they are both one continuous layer of fabric. The benefits of Pleated are as follows:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Equal to that of honeycomb shades
  • Cost Effective - Pleated may be a better way to go if you have a great number of windows to cover if on a tighter budget
  • Light Control - Pleated shades will allow more light in than honeycomb shades
  • Great Hideaway - Cellular structures almost completely disappears when raised
  • Limited Privacy - The single layer of fabric does not always provide privacy. Many pleated shade fabrics are very sheer, however the same blackout option as above can be added.

Both are safe for children or pets as both come cordless or cordless top down-bottom up operating feature to eliminate cords. Learn more about Child Safety...

Motorized Options

Technology has advanced within the last few years in window treatments. Motorized Operation provides a more convenient, safe, and stylish way to dress your home.

You have a selection of motors and control units to choose from. You can choose from remote controls to wall mount control units. Motorized works with many styles and of blinds and shades. Ask us about Motorized Units.

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